We would like to extend our grateful thanks to Bendigo Bank for their kind sponsorship.

Creative Harvest  -   "There's an artist in my food garden." which was held on the weekend of the 20th of January, 2018.

Thanks to all the Garden owners, Artists and the volunteers who made this event such an outstanding success. We look forward to holding the event again next year. So keep your eye on this space later in the year for information about our next Creative Harvest event.

There were 13 gardens in total, each featuring an artist. Further information regarding the artists can be found below. Please scroll down. More detailed information regarding the participating gardens can be found at HERE

Productive and inspirational food gardens in West Gippsland are opening to the public and teaming up with local artists to showcase their work as well. This will be the eighth year the Baw Baw Sustainability Network (BBSN) has been opening Food Gardens to the public. Adding art to the garden adds an extra dimension to the experience, which was well received by the visitors to the gardens and we have received some fantastic feedback.

The event is designed to show people gardens that grow food well so they can learn from the experiences of others. It’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded people to share ideas. The gardens range from suburban house backyards to large acreages with plenty of room for lots of fruit, vegetables. and animals. There are two community gardens included. The gardeners grow their own food because of the health benefits of fresh, chemical free food, saving money and food miles and most of all, because they love to do it.

The gardens featured working artists with their art work for sale. The arts included painting, sculpture, felting, mosaics and jewellery making.

This allowed the public an opportunity to see a range of techniques and get ideas on how to successfully grow food in our local area.

The gardeners welcomed visitors and were happy to exchange ideas on how to grow healthy food to eat, to save money and enjoy yourself in the process.


Monkey Gully                            700 McDougal Rd, Neerim South  CLICK HERE

Colleen & Alan's Garden          1699  Main Neerim Rd, Neerim South   CLICK HERE

Graham's garden                       180 Rokeby Jindivick Rd, Jindivick    CLICK HERE

Jessie & Dean's garden             64 Platts Rd, Buln Buln      Further information  CLICK HERE

Marg's Garden                            17 Francis Ave, Drouin    Further information  CLICK HERE

Eastern Park Community Garden      Cambridge Drive, Warragul    CLICK HERE

Paul & Maureen's garden          15 Buntine Ave , Warragul      CLICK HERE

REstore                                        79 Princes Highway, Yarragon      CLICK HERE

Around the Mulberry Tree          51 Princes Hwy, Trafalgar      CLICK HERE

Bingara                                         841 Yarragon Sth Rd, Trafalgar South     Further information CLICK HERE

Three Springs                              28 Hume Rd, Trafalgar South   CLICK HERE

Gado Gado                                   960 Moe-Willow Grove Rd, Willow Grove  Further information CLICK HERE

Caroline’s garden                        6 Evison Rd Nilma      CLICK HERE

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the Garden owners and artists who have agreed to take part in our Creative Harvest - "There's an Artist in my food garden", weekend.

Presenting Our Artists:

Elizabeth Smoorenburg
Elizabeth is a mosaic artist and she also makes jewellery. She works in glass as well as ceramic tiles, but also uses found objects such as beads, marbles semi-precious gemstones and her own painted glass. She has won awards for her work in local shows. She will be attending the Eastern Park Community Garden.

Viv Hordern
Viv  has been hooked on mosaic for many years now. Her style tends to vary but glass in various forms, is probably her favourite material. However, lately she has been doing some work with ceramic tile & china. Viv will be attending Paul & Maureen's garden - Warragul

Jessie McLennan & Dean Kriesl

Sculptures are dotted throughout the garden. The Sculpture Studio will be open.
Jessie and Dean's Garden - Resident Artist - Sculptures


Colleen and Alan Bright  -  Sculpture and Mosaics by resident artists

Colleen is an artist and her pieces on display range from small to quite large installations which surprise as you turn one of the many corners in the extensive eclectic garden. Colleen works in a number of media, focusing mainly on sculpture overlaid in mosaics. Colleen’s art work on display in her garden will be a mixture of sculpture, gourd craft, mosaics and basketry. Each of these crafts will have some large and small pieces for sale.  She will be demonstrating natural basketry during the day.   Colleen and Alan's Garden  -  Neerim South.


Liz Bowley   -   Painting

Liz’s passion is Australian landscapes, and eucalypt trees. The transforming power of light on the subject is the magic that transforms the subject into something special.  She paints in oils and uses her photographs to capture the best light moment when lighting conditions change quickly.   Living in beautiful Gippsland provides much subject matter as well as travel around Australia.  Liz will be attending Gado Gado   -  Willowgrove

Lucy Chapman  -  Painting including Botanical Art

Lucy Chapman’s approach to painting is nothing if not eclectic, as she is equally at home with the rigorous demands of botanical art in watercolor as with the free-ranging options of nature surrealism in oils and acrylics, the latter of which styles she is applying to her current project of 24 paintings inspired by Schubert’s Winterreise.  A graduate of Monash University and Yallourn TAFE, Lucy has also studied privately with botanical artists Jenny Phillips and Diane Emery and has exhibited widely in Gippland, including ARC Yinnar, Lillico Glass Studio, Drouin Butter Factory, West Gippsland Arts Centre, Latrobe Art Gallery and the Baw Baw Arts Alliance of which she is a member. Lucy will be attending Marg's Garden  -  Drouin

Graham Duell   -  Resident Artist - Sculpture

Graham is a Sculptor, who has many of his works displayed throughout his garden. His studio will be open.
Graham's Garden  -   Buln Buln

Wendy Hitchins    -  Beady making, jewellery and Accessories.

I create glass beads by melting glass in a flame.  Melting glass is very special and takes me on a journey.  I combine my unique beads into one of a kind wearable art.  My work is continually evolving which is always exciting for me. Wendy will be at Graham's Garden - Buln Buln


Kay Lancashire   -  Wearable Art

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t creating in some art form. After re-kindling a delight in jewellery making over 16 years ago I’ve been enthralled by the textures and 3-dimensional sculptural qualities that can be wrought with beads, wire and metal.  So many things inspire my work: history, texture, nature, music, folklore. I think you can safely say that pretty much anything will inspire me if I’m in the mood.  Kay’s work will be on display and for sale.  Kay will be appearing at Graham's Garden   -  Buln Buln

Graeme Myrteza    -  Landscape Painter
Graeme has been a farmer in Gippsland all his life. He paints Australian landscapes in oils with subjects from all over the country. He mostly paints larger works on canvas, and the light in a subject is of most importance to him
He will be attending Caroline's Garden  -  Nilma
Anita George    -  Calligraphy and Sculpture
After years of using traditional Calligraphy, I now push that to the side and play. In this freestyle, I act and react, putting letters in the first layer or the last. Legible or not, the basic thought is still letters. Working in a garden! I’m looking forward to see what happens in the moment.  Anita will be at Gado Gado  -  Willowgrove
Barbara Twining   -  Felting
Three Springs  -  Trafalgar South
Alene Bonser   -  Mosaics
Around the Mulberry Tree  -  Trafalgar
Dot Thorne    -  Mosaics

Dot has been painting and drawing for around 35 years, starting quite traditionally and then moving into larger more imaginative contemporary work.  An interest in 3D work then led to  small whimsical sculptures made from wire, wood, and found objects.  Mosaic is a fairly new obsession of the last couple of years, but the creativity, design, colour balance, etc. are just the same – and as with the paintings, the most important thing is the singing, joyful colour.  Dot will be at Monkey Gully  -   Neerim South.


Janet Wylie    -    Mosaics
I started seriously doing mosaics 5 years ago, after a trip to Barcelona and seeing the work of Gaudi. I have become fascinated with aerial landscapes and keep returning to maps. It’s probably got something to do with the fact that getting lost is a way of life for me, and following a map, is always an activity fraught with anxiety. Producing all these mosaic maps hasn’t helped yet.  But I have high hopes.  Janet will be at Marg's Garden   -    Drouin
Barb Gogerly    -    Mosaics
Bingara    -  Trafalgar South
Jane Bari    -  Bead Embroidery

Jane Bari bead embroidery artist.  Specialising in designing and creating one of a kind artisan bead embroidery jewellery.  Designed and made in Australia.  Sold locally through art galleries and online around the world. (www.janebaridesign.com)  Jane is attending Paul and Maureen's Garden  -  Warragul

Margaret Oliver   -  Dyeing

Margaret's greatest love is to create quirky stuff from junk, hence she is a hoarder and the subject of jokes from her family.  During Creative Harvest Margaret will display and demonstrate Eco colour and design on textiles using what is available in most backyards.  Margaret will be appearing at REstore    -  Yarragon



Joan Bognuda  -  Painter.     Joan will be attending REstore - Yarragon

Marg Koopmans - Painter.  Marg will be in attendance at REstore - Yarragon

Jeff & Jeanette Hyde   -  Laser cut Metal Sculpture.
Jeff and Jeanette Hyde are a creative husband and wife duo, hand-making sculptures and metal art from their rustic studio in Jindivick, West Gippsland.  They collaborate with design ideas and combine their skills in freehand plasma cutting and welding, to create unique artworks inspired by nature, pattern and geometric form.
Jeff and Jeanette will be at Caroline's Garden    -   Nilma
Jan Mathieson    -  Resident Artist - Paintings

Jan paints in oils and sometimes pastels, and is inspired by the Natural World. Her impressionist style captures the beauty she sees in the Australian landscape. Jan and Bob will be in attendance at their property, Bingara    -  Trafalgar South.

Joan Best   -  Textiles
Joan is a textile artist who works with eco-dyed wool to create forest images. The wool can require three or more repeats in a dye bath to add depth and develop layers of colour.  The work is then over-stitched with up to 15 different coloured threads, after the colour from the leaves is transferred onto the wool.  Joan will be attending Colleen and Alan's Garden  -  Neerim South 


Sponsored by Bendigo Bank:

REstore permaculture garden, 79 Princes Highway, Yarragon

Open 7 days a week, 8am -5pm

This five year old demonstration garden maintained by community volunteers has a wide variety of edible plants,many examples of compost systems and an aquaponic setup.  This garden is open for browsing every day and there are plants for sale, grown from plants in the REstore garden and from the gardens of the volunteers.  

REstore is at the east end of the Yarragon shops.  Look for the lovely multi coloured picket fence and Fozigobble Café.

Enjoy a cuppa made with certified organic milk & a delicious snack/meal at the Fozigobble cafe.  





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