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Creative Harvest 2021
        Garden profiles

John and Jan Tulloch

This 3Ha property has been established for 35 years. 

A vegetable garden incorporating poultry within permitted zones, totally chicken wire mesh enclosed, excluding foxes, birds and possums. Compost and liquid manure are used, artificial fertilizers and insecticides are not. Tank water only is available so summer crops

are limited.

A blueberry garden is similarly totally enclosed excluding birds and possums and doubling as a cat run connected to the house. Cats are not allowed outdoors, apart from

this area. The blueberry beds consist mostly of mulch, and crop well.

A natural swimming pool. Separate reed beds were added to the previously chlorinated 12.5m concrete pool. The water is circulated from the pool, through the reed

beds and back to the pool at a slow rate. The pool water is also available for fire- fighting.

Tip- approach from Coalville Rd. Don't use google maps directions.


This garden and sheep farm set high in the hills overlooking Yarragon has been developed over 37 years. The vegetable garden has raised beds bordered by old
sleepers where seasonal vegies are grown as well as many self-seeding edibles such as silver beet, lettuces, leeks and parsley. Old laundry troughs provide warmer growing conditions which is useful in winter. Fertiliser and mulch are provided from composting kitchen scraps, weeds and mulched garden prunings as well as sheep crutchings and old hay. A new orchard is planted with citrus, a range of fruit trees and berries. A large  ornamental garden surrounds the house with deciduous trees for winter sun and summer shading, and native trees and shrubs for shelter and habitat for birds. A well established chestnut tree in the paddock is a prolific bearer.


The Edge

Eight years after making our treechange to Yarragon South, we are starting to put our stamp on our property. The loss of 4 mature trees in a storm last year opened a previously under-utilised area for a much larger food garden, which kept us in vegetables all through the winter, and has grown our

year’s supply of garlic, some of which will be dried. A hot house extends our growing season and an espaliered orchard and an automatic watering system are being developed.

The food garden is part of a much larger enterprise which includes a small herd of house cows which provide all our dairy needs, sheep and chooks, plus a large ornamental garden, so the vegies have to make do with whatever time is available. Luckily our 10 year old granddaughter has become my willing gardening apprentice.

Green Hills Farm

This 150-acre farm is the passion of Neil and Kristy who bought it in 2015. One of their first projects was to establish a ‘fruit salad’ orchard of 60 trees including heritage apples, pears, plums, cherries and even avocados. Next was a large raised bed veggie garden which not only supplies food for their family, but local cafes and restaurants in the area. This is nurtured by worm castings, chicken manure and compost. There is always a supply of winter and summer greens along with seasonal produce such as tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants and pumpkins.

Two bee hives have been set up and Neil and Kristy

have recently built a greenhouse to move towards a closed loop system through seed saving and propagation from their own plants.


The Rowleys' Garden

We have grown brassicas, carrots, onions, garlic and broad beans in winter. In summer we can grow a wide range of vegetables and preserve a large amount of tomatoes to carry us over a 12 month period, as well as us sharing them with our daughters.

Fruit trees provide us with an abundance of fruit which is eaten fresh as well as preserved to be eaten all year, and also shared amongst friends and family. We are still consuming fruit preserved In 2017, such is the amount we have available. Our young avocado trees produced fruit this year for the first time. We eat fresh oranges and lemons all year and pome and stone fruit fresh when in season. We have espaliered a small

number of fruit trees to see how this works and it has been quite successful with the European plums, but alas due to climatic conditions we do not get fruit on the apricot tree.

Herbs are grown in pots as well as amongst the ornamental garden plants to provide fresh herbs used in cooking

Monkey Gully

The unique setting of this garden offers lovely views of the property and adjoining state forest. Based on permaculture principles, it features a productive vegetable garden,

chicken pen and orchard with espaliered trees and a large variety of fruiting plants.

Tea in the orchard.JPG

The Taylor's Garden

Established only 15 months ago, this garden around a new suburban house has many challenges; clay soil, no canopy and the terraced steep slope.

We have met each challenge using a range of gardening principles and sheer wit to produce a thriving edible garden. Though there is still a lot of work ahead, we have laid a solid foundation for our slice of paradise.

You are invited to see the works in progress and hopefully follow us through the years to see how it changes and matures.


Vue at Jindivick is set on 36 acres and boasts stunning views of the Baw Baw Ranges. From here we run our off grid, environmentally conscious bed and breakfast. We like to use as much as we can from the garden for our guests by making our own preserves, supplying seasonal fresh fruit and honey for the breakfast table.

Designed by David Musker of Broughton Hall fame, this 9 year old garden features an enclosed, walk-in kitchen garden, herb garden, greenhouse, bee hives and a developing orchard. Expect too unusual plants, mixed with traditional favourites. There is also a big focus on growing flowers for our bees. If you would like to stretch your legs, please take the 15 minute forest walk through a tall stand of messmates and silver tops.

anita's garden.jpg

Off grid hobby farm

Our goal has been to grow as much of our own food as possible including meat, eggs, fruit, vegetables and herbs. We have pigs, chickens and rescued diary steers and native silver perch fingerlings in the dam. Charlie the goat helps with weed control. 

Implementing No Dig, Permaculture and Regenerative practices, there are extensive vegetable beds, wicking beds, a poly tunnel and a small, young orchard. 

A composting system ensures the many food production beds have an ongoing supply of nutrition from household scraps, green/brown waste and local livestock manure. 

A recent dam reconstruction and addition of water tanks means a year round water supply for the farms needs.

Lillico Garden

The Lillico Garden is an acre and a half of paradise. Rich, red volcanic soil make for excellent growing conditions. Within the established orchard there are over fifty nut and fruit trees including olives, hazelnuts, peaches, apples, pears, plums, apricots and

more.  An extensive kitchen garden provides the household with seasonal vegetables and herbs all year round. Excess produce is preserved in a variety of methods – dried, brined, jammed and salted. Free range chooks give eggs and also provide valuable manure for the compost bins and garden. The cycle of composting

and worm farming continually give back to the gardens. Within the property there is a small forested area created as a habitat for native species; it includes two small ponds for frogs.

curry leaf - white ginger lily - kaffir

House of Joy

Our organic garden is designed to provide food to beneficial insects and humans, as well as hopefully beauty to the eye. In the carport a microclimate has been created to grow mostly sub-tropical plants in

containers eg turmeric, ginger, curry leaf, bamboo and banana.

The backyard sees eclectic planting styles in raised beds, a vertical garden, arches over walkways, espaliered fruit trees, and beds around edges. Our greenhouse is used for tropical plants and to germinate seeds in early spring. Edibles are our main feature here, with a focus on high-valued crops such as garlic and lemongrass, and a variety of frequently used herbs. Garlic harvest is followed by planting of favourite edibles, which include both Asian and western cuisine vegetables such as luffa, gourds, pumpkins, tomatoes and corn.

Helen's Garden

Helen's tiny urban garden is set on a small corner block and showcases what can be done in small spaces.It's less than two years old.

The vegetable garden is supplying all the couple's needs for greens. There are several fruit trees, mostly espaliered to save space. A lot of climbing infrastructure has been installed along fence lines to enable climbing plants to be put in anywhere.

Helen has also installed some wicking beds to help watering and to raise them for easier working conditions. 

Helen's garden 1.jpg

Butler Garden

 My one acre garden is an eclectic mix of primarily native trees, shrubs and plants and with

many different “rooms”. Since a child growing up on a farm I’ve had an interest in gardening and

my garden now has been evolving for over 30 years.

There are several varieties of fruit trees around the garden which probably feed the native birds

more than myself. The vegetable patch is quite large and produces more than enough produce for

us when it is in season.

In the green house I attempt to grow my own plants from seeds and cuttings and have variable

amounts of success.

As well as vegetables and fruit growing in the garden we have chooks and several bee hives and

there is a worm farm, wicking bed and compost heaps.

Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 8.23.19 pm.png

Ungulla Country Garden

When we arrived at our 20 acre property there were only eleven 100' Eucalypts; we have since planted over 6,000 natives, building double fenced paddocks to shelter the cattle and promote better paddock growth with the farm and 1 acre of garden fertilised organically.  We have bees, plant our vegetable garden following moon gardening and companion planting.  The vegetable garden has 7 raised beds, a hothouse, wash up sink and the 'Red Dog Pub' tool shed.  The citrus grove comprises lemons, oranges, limes and mandarines and the orchard of12 varieties of fruit trees.  A dry creek bed has been planted out to run around one side of the house and old farm machinery and garden art is dotted throughout the garden.


Lesley and Geoff's Garden

This mature attractive garden set amongst farmland has been planted extensively over 25 years. Two orchards and many vegetable beds provide an abundance of food, the excess being preserved, sold or given away. Raised vegetable beds are made from recycled and natural materials and the smaller orchard is underplanted with vegetables and nasturtiums. All this is fertilized with nettle tea, made in large quantities on site and is mulched heavily with straw.

Unusual plants include finger limes, a buddhas hand citrus, 45 macadamia trees and a large collection of approximately 150 salvias. There are free range hens, a few sheep, bee hives and a dam for wildlife.

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