Creative Harvest  -  "There's an artist in my food garden"     

 (Formerly Food Garden Day)

Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st January 2018.  10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Cost is $5 a garden, or $20 for 5 gardens

Tickets can be bought at any garden open over the weekend of 20th &  21st January 2018.

Productive and inspirational food gardens in West Gippsland are opening to the public and teaming up with local artists to showcase their work as well. This will be the eighth year the Baw Baw Sustainability Network (BBSN) has been opening Food Gardens to the public. Adding art to the garden adds an extra dimension to the experience, which we hope you will enjoy.

The event is designed to show people gardens that grow food well so they can learn from the experiences of others. It’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded people to share ideas. The gardens range from suburban house backyards to large acreages with plenty of room for lots of fruit, vegetables. and animals. There are two community gardens included. The gardeners grow their own food because of the health benefits of fresh, chemical free food, saving money and food miles and most of all, because they love to do it.

The gardens will feature working artists with their art work for sale. The arts include painting, sculpture, felting, mosaics and jewellery making. 

There will be 13 gardens in total, each with an artist.   For more details regarding our Artists, please CLICK HERE  


Monkey Gully             700 McDougal Rd, Neerim South    Google Maps Link

The unique setting of this garden features lovely views and adjoins state forest. It has
a productive vegetable garden using permaculture principles, an eclectic collection of
chickens and an orchard with a large variety of fruiting plants. The West Gippsland
Libraries will host a gardening themed pop-up library.     Artist: Dot Thorne, Mosaics

Colleen & Alan's Garden    1699  Main Neerim Rd, Neerim South    Google Map Link  

Colleen is an artist and her pieces on display range from small to quite large installations which surprise as you turn one of the many corners in the extensive eclectic garden. Food is produced in the vegetable gardens, on the fruit trees, and in the many small niches along the paths. Colleen works in a number of media, focusing mainly on sculpture overlaid with mosaics.  Artist: Joan Best, textile artist who creates forest images with eco-dyed wool. 

Graham's Garden      180 Rokeby Jindivick Rd, Jindivick      Google Map Link

A fairly large rural garden with an outlook over two dams. The garden includes a
range of fruit trees, vegetable growing beds, a chook run, a wandering flock of geese,
and some themed areas including a Japanese garden and clipped ‘hills’. It has an
avenue of productive olive trees, a failed truffle orchard, and far too much grass to
mow. Graham is a sculptor, and the garden has sculptures scattered about. The studio
will be open.     Artists: Wendy Hitchins, Bead making, jewellery & accessories. Kay Lancashire, wearable art display.

Jessie & Dean's garden             64 Platts Rd, Buln Buln        Google Map Link

A picturesque garden with sustainability and permaculture at the core.  Sculptures are dotted throughout this garden. You can even visit the sculpture studio. A kitchen garden, fruit trees, chookhouse, compost system, glass house and bees provide ample food for the family. Also 200 + natives planted to encourage bees and birds, provide shelter and  create a sun trap. See the 15yo Hass avocado tree producing in excess of 200 avovcados each year. Also  a 15yo macadamia nut tree.  Resident Artist.

Jess & Dean's Garden  

Marg's Garden                           17 Francis Ave, Drouin       Google Map Link

Marg's Garden is a hidden 3/4 acre treasure right in the middle of town. A small espalier orchard with some vegies growing underneath runs down one side of the block and the vegie garden is all raised beds.  During the spring when all the beds rapidy fill, Marg plants around the citrus trees.  Under the clothes line is the herb garden, so linen always smells fresh.  Marg has a large strawberry patch and some raspberries close to path allowing for easy picking. There is an ornamental garden with some herbs, and a small pond near the house.  Marg preserves excess harvest and is an inventive cook. Artists: Lucy Chapman, botanical artist and Janet Wylie, mosaics, mainly maps of local towns

Margs garden1Margs Garden 2

Eastern Park Community Garden       Cambridge Drive, Warragul    Google Map Link

This half acre garden was entirely built by volunteers throughout 2014. It offers the
opportunity for all people from Baw Baw Shire to come together in a cooperative
community garden to plant, grow and harvest food, where knowledge and skills are
shared, friendships are made, where people from different backgrounds, and of
different ages and abilities come together to create community.
It has a beautiful array of plants and art works that shows how a productive garden
can blend ornamental and edible plants with creative art pieces.
Run by volunteers, it offers programs and workshops to many groups in the
community, teaching skills in propagation, horticulture, urban agriculture and
promoting sustainability. Entry by donation.
Artist: Elizabeth Smoorenburg, mosaics in glass, ceramic tiles and "found" objects  

Paul & Maureen's Garden            15 Buntine Ave , Warragul         Google Map Link

This large, attractive garden has native plantings, a passive solar home and an
extensive food garden. Established fruit trees include avocado, mulberry and olives.
There are berries, vegetables, a glass house and composting with worms. The 5-star
chook house and the vegetable garden are enclosed to be bird and fox proof. Self-
sufficiency is the aim including water and power.
Artists: Viv Horden, mosaics in glass, tiles and china. Jane Bari, embroidery artist
specializing in unique artisan bead jewellery        

REstore              79 Princes Highway, Yarragon          Google Map Link

The Baw Baw Sustainability Network’s demonstration garden is set behind
Fozzigobbles Café and is planted and maintained by volunteers from the group.
Following permaculture principles, it features wicking beds, a herb spiral, a mandala
garden, chooks, aquaponics and a poly tunnel where plants are propagated for the
garden and for sale on site. It is very popular with café visitors who wander through
while waiting for their coffee or meal. Produce from the garden is used in the café and
the excess sold for the BBSN. Entry by donation.
Artists: Margaret Oliver, dyeing. Joan Bognuda, painter. Marg Koopmans, painter.

Around the Mulberry Tree         51 Princes Hwy, Trafalgar     Google Map Link

This attractive garden is set amid established trees with the food plants integrated into
the design of the garden. Recycled materials are used for construction and sustainable
management practices are used including wicking beds, fruit trees (including
espaliers), berry house, chooks, shiitake mushrooms, composting, worm farm and
greenhouse. A new addition of a kitchen garden has herbs and a Mediterranean foods
focus.       Artist: Alene Bonser, mosaics.  

Bingara                               841 Yarragon Sth Rd, Trafalgar South         Google Map Link

Jan & Bob's two acre garden which features a large orchard with citrus, apples, pears, peaches, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, loganberries, passionfruit, kiwifruit and hazelnuts. The raised vegetable beds produce crops that reflect the seasons and keep the household well supplied. Compost for the garden is made from kitchen scraps, weeds, grass clippings, cardboard and paper waste plus the used litter from the chook pen. Extensive lawns and trees and flower beds filled with roses and perennials make this a very attractive garden. It is set beside natural bush and a boardwalk runs alongside a spring-fed creek with tree-ferns and young Myrtle Beeches. The garden includes a variety of less common and rare plants.  Artists: Jan Mathieson, paintings. Barb Gogerly, mosaics

Three Springs           28 Hume Rd, Trafalgar South               Google Map Link

Sue & Simon’s garden is a young food garden, mostly being planted over the previous three years. Being a diverse mixture of fruit, vegetables and herbs, the intention is to provide as much of the family of four’s food requirements as possible. The berries are the most advanced, followed by numerous fruit trees and vegetables planted with the seasons. Fertilized with manure from the house cow and chickens, the garden is based on organic principles with dolomite lime being the most used additive. The produce is preserved by various methods including bottling and canning in order to spread the harvest over the whole year. Although south facing, the garden has been successful in making the most of the challenging aspect. This garden exemplifies the possibilities of growing your own food for the beginner or the most experienced gardener.  Artist: Barbara Twining, felting.

Gado Gado                                   960 Moe-Willow Grove Rd, Willow Grove      Google Map Link

John & Dee’s property consists of 27 acres with 5 acres undergoing revegetation with indigenous plants, a process that's been going on for 18 years. The garden is a mixture of native and non native plants with the main features being a large rose garden, a rambling mixed orchard of over 20 trees and an organic vegetable garden with a hothouse. Chooks free range about the garden but are excluded from the vegetable patch. The property is watered from a farm dam.  Artists: Liz Bowley, painting. Anita George, Lettering Art


Caroline's Garden           6 Evison Rd Nilma          Google Map Link

Caroline has a large scale vegetable garden in a paddock beside the house with over
200 heirloom tomatoes planted this season for preserving. Extensive rhubarb, berries
and summer vegetables are grown together with self-sown flowers. Their five children
are actively involved in growing and cooking so a gentle uncomplicated approach is
taken to growing. A large pen houses many chooks, runner ducks and French Toulese
geese which can range freely through the grass paddock nearby during the day.
Artists: Graeme Myrteza, landscape painter. Jeff & Jeanette Hyde, laser-cut metal

For more info click on Creative Gardens tab on the RHS under current projects

 A sustainable garden can help reduce your carbon footprint by growing your own food, reducing waste sent to landfill and using organic fertilizers. It can also increase the health of the environment by reducing water and pesticide use, and increasing habitat for birds and insects.

Visitors to these gardens can find out first hand how other people are growing food and making their garden more sustainable, as well as sharing their own experiences with other gardeners.


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12-12-2017 - in -5 days

Creative Harvest - "There's an artist in my food garden"

A sustainable garden can help reduce your carbon footprint by growing your own food, reducing waste sent to landfill and using organic fertilizers.

20-01-2018 - in 34 days

Baw Baw Shire - Sustainability.

Guest Speaker Alison Leighton, CEO Baw Baw Shire

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