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Advocacy Work

One of our main goals at BBSN is to advocate on behalf of our local community.

We aim to encourage State and Federal governments, as well as the Baw Baw Shire, to adopt more sustainable practices and assist our local community to live a more energy efficient and comfortable life. 

Our work includes lending support to like-minded organisations, as well as educating and encouraging our local community to lead more sustainable lives. 

Below you'll find some examples of our advocacy work as well as local stories to educate and inspire.  

Mike & Jill's Story

Purchasing your first home should be 

the most exciting time of your life. 

However, developments in the Baw Baw 

Shire don't currently follow any sustainable

or environmental design frameworks. 

Read on to learn what happens when a 

new home is built on a t-intersection 

& heavy rains come! 

Our plan for sustainable subdivisions in Baw Baw

Baw Baw's Big Switch

Imagine it's 2030 and the Baw Baw Shire

has made positive, sustainable choices

for our community. 

What can our future look like if we take

the right steps now?

Read below to find out! 

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