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Creative Harvest - invitation to take part

"There's an Artist in my Food Garden"

Following the success of our inaugural Creative Harvest event last year, where Food Gardens were open to the public and artists demonstrated and sold their work in the gardens, we are preparing to run the event again this year. The committee extends an invitation to gardeners and artists.

Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 January 2019 10 am – 4 pm

Committee Members:

We have a friendly and active committee continuing on from last year but would love to have more ideas and assistance. Please consider joining us.

We meet on a Wednesday morning about once a month at 10 am at Fozigobbles café where we plan things over a coffee. Contact Wendy Savage.


If you have a garden where you grow your own food we would love you to open it to the public.

One of the aims of the BBSN is to help educate people to grow their own food to make our planet more sustainable. Seeing other gardens and sharing ideas is a great way to do this. Many gardeners who have opened in the past have commented that they’ve enjoyed sharing their knowledge, meeting like -minded people and often getting ideas form visitors to the garden.

In line with the BBSN ethos, gardens should be based on organic principles that consider sustainability.

In recognition of the effort gardeners put in to preparing their garden to open $50 will be available to assist with expenses. Contact Wendy Savage


Artists are invited to display their skills in the gardens and have their works for sale. Last year each garden had two working artists and the feedback from participants was very positive.

There is no charge to participate, however if you are successful with sales the BBSN would be pleased to accept a donation. Contact Margaret Oliver

Contact details for further information:

Wendy Savage 0428 422 461

Margaret Oliver 0409 342 686

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