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Climate-related security risks make international headlines

Article by Breakthrough: National Centre for Climate Restoration

In May 2019, Breakthrough released a new policy paper - Existential climate-related security risk: A scenario approach. 

This latest publication was co-written by Breakthrough Research Director, David Spratt, and the former Chair of the Australian Coal Association, Ian Dunlop, and features a powerful endorsement from Admiral Chris Barrie, AC RAN Retired, former Chief of the Australian Defence Force.

With the threat of climate consequences now reaching existential levels, a new approach to climate risk assessment is required. Through a 2050 scenario analysis, this paper examines the projected climate-related security threats if urgent action is not implemented within the next decade.

The paper provides an eye-opening reality check that captured significant international media attention over the last week. Its analysis of the fate of civilisation, if we continue along a path of inaction, made worldwide headlines in articles from Aljazeera, USA Today, New Scientist, Asia Times, The GuardianVice, and many more. 

Access the full policy paper here or download other recent publications below. You can also hear more from Admiral Chris Barrie, along with other former Australian defence officials, security experts, and prominent political and business leaders, in Part One of Breakthrough's new documentary series, HOME FRONT.

Download the full range of Breakthrough reports and discussion papers.

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