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Updated: Dec 28, 2019

This garden and sheep farm set high in the hills overlooking Yarragon has been

developed over 35 years. The vegetable garden has raised beds bordered by old

sleepers where seasonal vegies are grown as well as many self-seeding edibles

such as silver beet, lettuces, leeks and parsley. Old laundry troughs provide

warmer growing conditions which is useful in winter. Fertiliser and mulch are

provided from composting kitchen scraps, weeds and mulched garden prunings

as well as sheep crutchings and old hay. A new orchard is planted with citrus, a

range of fruit trees and berries. A large ornamental garden surrounds the house

with deciduous trees for winter sun and summer shading, and native trees and

shrubs for shelter and habitat for birds. A well established chestnut tree in the

paddock is a prolific bearer.

Eurabbie is part of Creative Harvest, January 18-19th 2020. It is part of the

Saturday bus tour.

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