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Gado Gado

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Gado Gado, a country property of 27 acres has a rambling mixed

orchard of over 20 trees and an organic vegetable garden with a

hothouse. Chooks free range about the garden but are excluded

from the vegetable patch, which supplies most of the food needs

throughout the year.  Excess fruit is bottled and there is always

plenty of it.

Fertiliser is applied in liquid form (chicken manure), as compost

and as a mulch (horse manure). A recent addition to the garden is

two bee hives.  

A  5 acre patch of bush has been restored with indigenous plants

over the last 20 years - unfortunately this is starting to encroach on

the vegetable garden! The house garden is a mixture of native

and non-native plants, and includes a large rose garden. Many of

the native plants were grown from seed. The property is watered

from a farm dam.

Visit Gado Gado during Creative Harvest, January 18-19th 2020.

This garden is also part of the Sunday bus tour.

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