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Gippsland Smart Futures Series

The Gippsland Smart Futures Series is a free 6-part webinar series exploring Gippsland’s renewable energy future.

The topics range from showcasing upcoming large-scale energy developments, our local communities and sporting groups who are embracing new opportunities, to providing webinars on practical talks about financing your own community energy projects or what opportunities are out there for you to the increase energy efficiency within your home.

Participants will have the chance to learn more about what is happening locally, be inspired by projects within the region and ask panelists questions at each webinar.

  • Part 1: Large-scale Renewable Energy Projects (6th May)

  • Part 2: Local Community Energy Hubs (20th May)

  • Part 3: Township Models of Community Energy (3rd June)

  • Part 4: Financing Community Energy Solutions (17th June)

  • Part 5: Community Energy for Sporting Clubs (1st July)

  • Part 6: Home Energy Solutions (15th July)

For more information on each webinar & to book please visit:

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