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Graham and Tessa's Garden

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

A fairly large rural garden in a private setting, with an outlook over two dams.  It is a

haven for birds and wildlife, most welcome, some not!  The garden includes a range

of fruit trees, multiple vegetable beds and multiple opinions on how best to manage

them, a hothouse for seedling raising, a chook run, a wandering flock of geese and

goslings, and some themed areas including a Japanese garden and clipped ‘hills’.  It

has an avenue of productive olive trees, a failed truffle orchard, and far too much

grass to mow.

Graham is a sculptor in ceramic, steel and wood, and the garden has sculptures for

sale scattered about and the studio will be open.  We will also have Cathy Almond

from Warragul with us, who makes a range of preserves, jams and who dries foods,

and on Sunday the redoubtable Cathy Smith, artist and sculptor, possibly making


Visit Graham and Tessa's Garden during Creative Harvest 2020. It's also part of the Sunday bus tour.

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