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Home Energy Information and Group Discussion on Facebook

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

By Tim Forcey

My Efficient Electric Home is for folks who wish to openly discuss methods & especially share data re space heating, water heating, and cooking in homes using devices powered / fuelled only by renewable heat and electricity, rather than by fossil gas, LPG, or wood. Members are encouraged to use "Search this Group" to dig up old posts relevant to their issue / interest.

Of particular interest is the use of high efficiency heat pumps for space heating and cooling, water heating, and clothes drying.

Energy efficiency is of course key to My Efficient Electric Home, as is the generation (e.g. via rooftop solar PV) and storage of electricity and heat.

Data / info regarding home economics, comfort, health, convenience, aesthetics, and feng shui are all welcomed!

Eliminating fossil fuels from our homes is important because we face a climate emergency and must decarbonise as quickly as possible. Happily, in Australia and other places around the world, people can also save money and improve health and comfort by moving toward an "all-electric" home.

This group commenced in June 2015 under the name "Ururu Sarara Discussion Group" and as that former name suggests, we originally focused on the characteristics of the Daikin US7 7 star reverse-cycle air conditioner. The group name was changed to "My Efficient Electric Home" in ~ June 2016 to reflect the ensuing broader discussions.

Key foundation references for the concept of the Australian "all-electric home" include:

BZE's "Buildings Plan" (2013,

"Hot summer nights, and cold winter evenings: how to be comfortable and save money all year long" (2016, The Conversation, Tim Forcey

"Can Facebook help make your home more sustainable" (2017, The Conversation, T Forcey

"Cutting the gas. Has the all-electric home's time finally arrived?" (2017, Fifth Estate, T Forcey,

Renew's (formerly the ATA's): 2018 "Household Fuel Choice" (

Visit the easily searchable online database now!

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