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Updated: Dec 28, 2019

A brand new garden on the shores of Blue Rock Dam is an inspiration for new home

owners. Hannah downsized from a large garden to this newly built house and has

created a flourishing garden in just over two years. Stone, wood, gravel and mulch form

the built structures and ground covers and a mix of natives, succulents and perennials

are growing quickly. A large raised garden bed grows more than enough vegetables for

one, and plenty to give away and a bed of raspberries is fruiting well. All kitchen waste

is processed in a bokashi composting system which fertilizes the food plants. In this

garden you not only find a watery view but owls, mirror pond, framed statue, Kongwak

art, beehive, insect hotel, home made stools, no pruning no watering shrubs, etc. It's all

fun and gets your imagination stimulated.

Visit Hygge during Creative Harvest 2020. It's also part of the Sunday bus tour.

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