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John and Jan Tulloch's Garden

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

The property, on 3Ha, has been established for 35 years and is

undergoing a renewal after the removal of pest species.

There are three areas of interest:

A vegetable garden incorporating poultry within permitted zones,

totally chicken wire mesh enclosed to exclude foxes, birds and

possums.   Both compost and liquid manure are used, artificial

fertilizers and insecticides are not.    The garden produces ample

vegetables and eggs.   Raised beds have been created using

recycled sheet iron.   Tank water only is available so summer crops

are limited.

A blueberry garden is similarly totally enclosed to exclude birds and

possums, and doubles as a cat run connected to the house.   Cats

are not allowed outdoors, apart from this area.     The blueberry

beds consist mostly of mulch, and crop well.  

A natural swimming pool.    Separate reed beds were added to the

previously chlorinated 12.5m concrete pool.   The water is

circulated from the pool, through the reed beds and back to the

pool at a slow rate.   No other filtering is used but it is necessary to

remove debris from the floor using a robot cleaner.  The pool water

is also used for fire-fighting.

Visit John and Jan's garden during Creative Harvest 2020, also as part of the Saturday bus tour.

Dogs on a leash are welcome. A toilet is available.

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