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Sustainable House - Rammed Earth

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

By Steb Fisher & Wendy Wright

Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard – Star Rating 10


  • Salvaged from grandparents’ house in Melbourne.


  • Washing machine has both hot and cold inlets (hard to find, most have cold only)

  • allows hot/warm water from solar HW to be used for washing.

  • Clothes racks – from the UK - no drier.

  • Exhaust fan behind freezer draws warm air from living area through vent over clothes racks – not often needed

  • Clerestory windows provide extra solar heat.

  • Vestfrost Freezer – 0.75kWh/day. (full of home grown beef)

  • 2nd freezer (in mud room) is a Westinghouse WCM3200WC and is less efficient 1.1kWh/day.


  • Stove top and oven both LP gas (grill electric)

  • Chosen because electric ovens use high wattage - not ideal for battery supply.

  • No dish washer

  • Bench top - salvaged Jarrah

  • 5 Waste streams

  • Landfill / Recycling / Chooks / Worm Farm / Non-worm compost

  • We don’t have garbage collection and deliver to the Trafalgar transfer station

  • Fridge (not so efficient - more than 15 years old) 1.86kWh/day


  • 5 main tanks (total 100,000+ litres.

  • shed roof to storage by shed – 22,000 litres, overflow to 24,000 litres, overflow to 5,000 litre stock water tank.

  • house roof to storage at the back of the house – 44,000 lit