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Wrong Way Adani, Go Back

By Frontline Action On Coal (FLAC)

The Adani company is pushing ahead with plans to construct the Carmichael mine in the Galilee Basin and ship thermal coal to India to burn in highly polluting power stations, that kill hundreds, if not thousands of people per year. Behind them are Clive Palmer and Gina Reinhardt, who also have significant interests in the area and will open up more coal mines if Adani gets off the ground. Many would argue that this is the reason Palmer spent $60m keeping the Coalition in office at the last federal election.

Adani have government approvals for their mine but they do not have a social licence to build it.

The Wangan and Jagalingou Family Council have continually said no to this project and don’t want it on their land, their water is sacred to them.

The Stop Adani movement is working on engineering companies not to engage with this disaster in the making and insurance companies to realise the risk they will expose themselves to.

Many believe that this climate bomb will fall over but we must take matters in to our own hands. There is no social licence for this mine to go ahead. There is no social licence to drive us into runaway climate change. The Coalition may have won the election due to dodgy advertising by Clive Palmer but 63% of Australians do not support the Adani mine.

Blockading the construction of the mine is the strongest and most important step we can take. It will support the work that is being done on contractors and insurers for the mine. Delay, Delay, Delay. To avoid catastrophic climate change, this coal has to stay in the ground, it’s not negotiable. And the world is watching. Knitting Nannas have joined the blockade and urgently need our support.

If you can help with any of these actions please get in touch and let us know what you can do.

1) Pressuring GHD not to get involved with this project. Follow Stop Adani facebook page, instagram or twitter. There is a GHD office in Traralgon, if you’d like to be part of a protest there, contact Stop Adani Gippsland on facebook or

2) Pressuring insurance companies not to risk shareholders money. Many have already pulled out. Find and support their work, if you don’t already.

3) Make a donation to support The Wangan and Jagalingou Family Council in their continuing fight to keep this mine off their land

4) Join the blockade at the mine site or donate to support the action. There is a lot to do at the camp; cooking, growing, planning, caring, blockading, upskilling, playing – all skills are useful.

You can sign up with Frontline Action On Coal (FLAC) at

Email for info on trip planning, what to bring and any other info.

Ride sharing and other questions, #Blockadeadani Organising Space

To help in any other way, (fundraisers)

You can also like/follow Stop Adani Gippsland on facebook

The time is now and only people power will do it. Together we are strong and in for the long haul.

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