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Creative Harvest 2019 - Yvonne's Garden

A rainbow of colours in flowers and a harvest of fruit and veggie heaven... not

from the expansive orchard of her previous farm garden of NE Victoria but from her pocket

handkerchief sized garden in Warragul.

Based on Peter Cundgel’s no dig rotating four bed concept, measuring roughly 9m x 2m, this suburban veggie patch is designed to provide plenty for one person.

Seasonal vegetables, herbs, lettuce, spinach etc grow all year round, and there are plenty of tomatoes and cucumbers for relish and pickling.

Espaliered fruit and citrus trees embroider fences with luscious apples, plums and oranges. The compact floral garden gives both native nose gays for friends, elegant irises, roses and peonies for indoors and always a plant or cutting to give away.

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