Creative Harvest

"There's An Artist In My Food Garden"

Creative Harvest 2020

Artist profiles

Alene Bonser- Mosaics

 I have been painting for 20 years and was then bitten by the mosaicing bug and it’s addictive. I was lucky to be taught by Mary Gabriel while working on the compass rose in the Warragul Park.  I love the chance to recycle and give objects a second life

Alene will be on site at Hygge, 21 Glenbrook Place, Willow Grove

Janet Wyllie- Mosaics

I started seriously doing mosaics 5 years ago, after a trip to Barcelona and seeing the work of Gaudi. I have become fascinated with aerial landscapes and keep returning to maps. It’s probably got something to do with the fact that getting lost is a way of life for me, and following a map, is always an activity fraught with anxiety.

Producing all these mosaic maps hasn’t helped yet.  But I have high hopes.

The following maps are, a friends farm, my sisters suburban house and yard, Warragul, and the road to Baw Baw.

Janet will be available at The Edge.

Kay Lancashire- Wearable Art

Unfortunately Kay is unable to attend this year. Apologies for those keen to see her and her work.

Laurel Foenander- Painting

A practising artist for 25 years, Laurel Foenander remains unconfined to any genre as she continues to explore and evolve images and ideas with passion and drive. Many of her paintings are held in private collections in Australia and internationally, in particular her studies of Australian birdlife which today push on abstract boundaries.

She has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows and has won more than 100 awards for her captivating paintings that range from detailed wildlife to pure abstraction. 

Laurel will be at Eurabbie on Sunday only but her art is on display there all weekend.

Caroline Hammond- Beekeeping

A colony of bees teaches us that we aren’t in this life alone, we have an entire community around us that want to support and encourage us. Visiting open gardens, meeting likeminded people and sharing our thoughts and passions gives us an opportunity to connect with our communities, near or from afar.

Come Fly With Me Beekeeping is my little bee business which was born to celebrate the connections we have with each other and our environment through the meeting and mentoring of like-minded people. 

By teaching, I aim to empower confidence and understanding in people around me who are willing to give things a go. I have a good selection of local raw honey, beekeeping equipment, protective clothing, live bee sales, paradise honey hive equipment, extraction services,  unique gifts and artwork (coming soon).


Caroline will be at Gado Gado on Saturday and Sunday.

Cathy Almond- Preserves and Drying

I started making jams and chutneys because I hate seeing food go to waste.  90% of my produce is obtained locally, usually from friends excess garden stock. All produce is made in my kitchen in Warragul and am happy to share or receive ideas for stock I don't have. 

Cathy will be at Graham and Tessa's Garden.

Helen Timbury- Linocuts

Helen Timbury’s colourful and optimistic linocuts are primarily figurative, evolving from a background in illustration and graphics. She has a BA in Visual Communication and makes limited edition art prints from her Drouin Studio. Flora and fauna hold a special significance for her as an artist. Through her work she seeks to raise an awareness in others, pointing out the fragility, beauty and diversity of the environment. 

As urban development builds up around her hometown of Drouin her themes encompass a Gippsland wilderness which becomes increasingly valuable to her as commercial and housing developments encroach on the natural habitat.

More of Helen’s work can be viewed online at

Helen will be attending Jindi Free Range Eggs (Sunday only)

Elizabeth Smoorenburg- Jewellery

Many, many years ago, when I was in my early twenties, I had a go at just about anything creative, silver smithing, wood turning, pottery, plaster casting, embroidery, weaving, drawing, and I enjoyed all of them!  Over the years I always maintained an interest in gemstones and jewellery, learning different techniques along the way. About 4 years ago I did a one day mosaics workshop and got hooked!  I work in glass as well as ceramic tiles, often a combination of both, but also use “found” objects such as beads, marbles, (semi-precious) gemstones and my own painted glass.   But I regularly go back to my “first love”, silver smithing and jewellery making, love working with my hands, and especially enjoy the challenge of creating what I see in my mind.

Elizabeth will be at Three Springs (Sunday only).

Graham Duell- Sculpture

Graham is a sculptor who makes outdoor pieces intended for garden installation. The sculptures are typically figurative or animal based and with a quirky sense of humour, and frequently feature wombats in tu tu's.

Graham will be attending Graham and Tessa's Garden.


Wayne Foenander- Sculpture

Wayne Foenander has been keeping the beat most of his life, a working drummer in countless bands over the years. In recent times he has also turned his attention to sculpture and the creation of unique furniture and homewares. Often these pieces are related to music or another love, the sea, resulting in quirky drum tables or brass instrument light fittings, fantastical fish or boats made of all manner of strange things. 

His sculptures are constructed rather than welded, often tending towards a steampunk aesthetic, but uniquely his own. In Wayne's World, kick drums and tom toms turn into coffee tables, a tuba becomes a standard lamp and French oak wine barrels transmorph into fruit bowls, serving trays and candelabras.

Wayne will be at Eurabbie on Sunday only. 

Joan Best- Textiles

Joan is a textile artist who works with eco-dyed wool to create forest images. The wool can require three or more repeats in a dye bath to add depth and develop layers of colour.  The work is then over-stitched with up to 15 different coloured threads, after the colour from the leaves is transferred onto the wool.

Joan will be attending The Lillico Garden.


Joan Bognuda- Watercolour

Artist, Tutor, Arts Therapist. Joan mainly works in fine watercolour style from old homes, sheds, gardens and portraits of people with life stories to tell. Also working now as an expressive artist in mixed media. Painting to present desires, give me Gippsland gum trees and one of our beautiful scenes any day. I love showing people the ‘how to’s’ for watercolours so look forward to seeing you Yvonne’s Patch.

Spider Lee- Children's Author and Illustrator

Spider Lee is a dynamic indie children's author and illustrator who will be sharing some of the developmental images and finals of her picture book, Black Dog, Brown Dog. Personally signed copies of all Spider's books will be on sale and extra bookmarks and colouring freebies for the kids.

Spider will be at Jindi Free Range Eggs

Sharon Anderson- Pastel Drawing and Cyanotypes

Sharon has been as a practicing artist for thirty six years living and working in Latrobe Valley.  She creates her pastels, paintings, cyanotypes, and screenprints in her Moe studio. Many of her artworks are about memory and nostalgia and often depict the land in Latrobe Valley where she has a generational connection.

She also teaches art workshops in many of these mediums. Sharon is also an active member of the arts community in Gippsland. She is involved with the artist run space arc Yinnar which is an important creative organization in Latrobe Valley.  She was one of the founding members of Moartz which organizes Open Studios Latrobe. 

Sharon will be creating at John and Jan Tulloch's garden.

Dot Thorne- Mosaic Art

Dot has been painting and drawing for around 35 years, starting quite traditionally and then moving into larger more imaginative contemporary work.  An interest in 3D work then led to small whimsical sculptures made from wire, wood, and found objects.  Mosaic is a fairly new obsession of the last couple of years, but the creativity, design, colour balance, etc. are just the same – and as with the paintings, the most important thing is the singing, joyful colour.    

Dot will be available at Three Springs (Saturday only).


Cathy Smith- Painting, Sculpture

Cathy works in a variety of media when reflecting her interest in Central and South American fauna, culture and arts.  Here she will work with clay, making small objects based on animals and birds from Inca mythology.

Cathy will be attending Graham and Tessa's garden (Sunday only).



Marg Koopmans- Watercolour

Margaret has worked exclusively in watercolour for 8 years, inspired by the beauty of nature, the joys of home, and the stimulation of travel. She particularly enjoys the immediacy of painting outdoors and uses these sketches to create more informed studio pieces.

Marg will be at Yvonne's Patch.

Barb Twining- Textiles

Unfortunately Barb is no longer able to attend this event. 

Liz Bowley- Painting

Liz’s passion is Australian landscapes, and eucalypt trees. The
transforming power of light on the subject is the magic that
transforms the subject into something special. She paints in oils
and uses her photographs to capture the best light moment when
lighting conditions change quickly. Living in beautiful Gippsland
provides much subject matter as well as travel around Australia.

Liz will be at Gado Gado (Saturday only).

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